HOTrak is
        • a tool to make completing the ASPA Returns of Procedures easy and accurate
        • updated annually in line with changes to ASPA requirements
        • registered to individual Project Licence Holders and their PPL number(s)

HOTrak requires MS Access to be installed in order to run
        … but, it is simple to use, no special training or knowledge of MS Access is required

Procedure records …
        • are input into HOTrak throughout the year
        • can be entered when they begin and flagged as ‘incomplete’ until their end-date
        • can be edited as the procedure progresses
        • can be flagged as ‘complete’ once all required data has been entered

Templates …
        • can be saved from procedure records and named
        • are used to accurately copy the input for repeated procedures

Accuracy is assured by …
        • built in codes on drop-down lists
        • pop-up information boxes with additional explanation of terms, eg. ‘Rest of Europe’
        • error traps ensuring that data is complete, eg. if ‘Other Carnivore’ is selected then ’other’ must be further described
        • a decision tree allowing only the relevant options to be selected for ‘Purpose’
        • fully visible on-screen descriptive labels for all codes
        • a complete procedure being viewed on one screen

Reporting & Audit …
        • incomplete procedures can be excluded from all reports
        • data from repeated procedures is automatically collated
        • the familiar vertical column Return Report is retained for internal reference and checking against the Audit Report
        • the Audit Report of input is filtered by end-date range and data can be traced to a study reference or project code
        • incomplete procedures can be highlighted on the Audit Report
        • all reports are legible … no hand-writing and no corrections!
        • all reports are previewed on-screen and optionally printed

Output …
        • all collated procedure data is exported to MS Excel
        • all codes are re-formatted to be compatible with the official ASPA Returns MS Excel file
        • data can be copied from the HOTrak output file to the official ASPA Returns MS Excel file

Simple and cost-effective …
        • there is no manual collation of data
        • at the year-end, all the data is already entered - no need for a January rush to complete the Returns!

  Tel: 07774 124204
  Fax: 01228 670542